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Proposition 65

BSG would like to notify you of our initiative to comply with changes made to California’s Proposition 65 regulation.  The spirit of the regulation is for suppliers and retailers to provide consumers information regarding Proposition 65 and products available for purchase so that they are able to make informed purchasing decisions.

It is our policy to manufacture and distribute product in accordance with current regulatory requirements, industry best practice, and to never deceive customer or consumers. Proposition 65 is an opportunity for BSG and industry partners to uphold these values by making Proposition 65-compliant information available.

In the below links, you will find a suite of material that will allow BSG and your operations to maintain compliance with changes made to the Proposition 65 regulations.  Please use the point of sale notification and shelf tags as appropriate at your business so that consumers may readily find information they will use to make informed purchasing decisions.  The SKU list is not intended to be displayed, but is rather a reference list for you and your staff should consumers have questions regarding specific BSG-supplied items they are purchasing.

If you have any further questions or concerns please contact

Updated September 24, 2018

Consumer Product Exposure Warnings – Point of Sale Notice (

Consumer Product Exposure Warnings – Shelf Tags (

Proposition 65 SKU List – (