“Over the last 10 years, BSG has put a premium on working with the best growers, monitoring the quality of processing, and providing the logistics to deliver hops at their best state to brewers around the US. Bringing the processing under our control continues this commitment, and further strengthens our supply chain, quality assurance and service to our customers. Brewers want the best hops, and we aim to deliver that.”

- Ian Ward, President of BSG.

The state-of-the-art BSG Hops facility in the Yakima Valley means that BSG has complete control of the entire supply chain from bale receipt and storage to shipping of finished goods in one location. This brand new, state of the art equipment and environment ensures that quality and care is built into all hops coming from the facility.

The hop processing facility features a sealed/clean system; once the bales go into the bale-breaker, the system is completely closed all the way through to the inert atmosphere packaging. Along with this, the production room is secure, floors are sealed/polished for a clean environment, and interior walls are lined with metal panels.

The pellet mill system is designed to maintain a constant and level feed with no interruptions, allowing the pellet temperature and pellet density to be controlled with minimal fluctuation. Constant real time temperature monitoring, and automatic application of cooling will limit pellet temperature ensuring preservation of hop aroma.

Atmospheric controls within packaging are ensured by real time monitoring of the residual oxygen in the packaging machine, that will automatically adjust the nitrogen volume to meet designated residual limits, and ensure that every single package contains minimal residual oxygen.