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2021 Pricing

2021 Pricing

Customers & Friends,

2020 caused our industry to quickly adapt to unforeseen global changes like never before. Every day the pandemic tested your resolve, spirit and creative limits. Your partners at BSG were right there with you, working to tailor our policies, practices and resources to meet your evolving needs.

Last March, BSG held prices nationwide and absorbed annual cost increases to help temper the financial uncertainties accompanying the emerging pandemic. By summer, we were diligently working to enter the U.S. aluminum can market in an effort to support brewers rapidly pivoting beer volume from draft to cans. As of last month, our newly implemented transportation management system (TMS) provides our customers maximum shipping visibility and reliability during a time when the shipping industry continues to wrestle with pandemic-related shortages and delays.

Though we’ve made it so far together, the pandemic continues to challenge us as an industry. Home-bound consumers are buying record amounts of goods, inflicting increased pressure on the already-stretched domestic logistics network and congesting international shipping lanes. Meanwhile, raw material costs have increased due to unprecedented demand for grains in Asia.

In light of this, BSG has designed a new pricing system that will allow us to be responsive to these challenges without putting undue strain on our customers. Our import malt partners also worked with us to maintain prices wherever possible. The new 3-decimal-place pricing system will allow us to price product to the tenth of a cent, so that we can more minimally adjust prices as they fluctuate.  On March 1st, 2021, BSG will effect an incremental price increase on domestic and imported malt, adjunct-grain products and select brewing aids. The new fraction-of-a-cent system is part of BSG’s ongoing commitment to supporting the industry through the most transparent pricing possible. Please reach out to your BSG Sales Representative or Customer Service team for any specific questions you may have about 2021 pricing updates.

Our sales team is here to work with you; we look forward to continuing to support your brewing raw material needs with the highest quality products and service. Our partnership has always gone beyond great beer; at our core, we are here for you, and your success is our success. It has been inspiring to see the awesome resilience and fortitude of our industry during these challenging times, and we sincerely look forward to being able to safely raise a glass with you in the not-so-distant future.  In the meantime, we thank you for your continued business.


The BSG Team